Ma Belle

What joy a three year old can bring

When tis our own precious flower’s first bud.

With nearby friends and family from afar

Gathered in our southern capital’s port,

Celebrating toddlerhood as petals unfold.

Our beautiful little one. Ma Belle.

Saga Land

I have been a long time admirer of Richard Fidler’s “Conversations” so was very interested to read this, his latest book about Iceland and its people.

My knowledge of Iceland has been sadly deficient apart from recent volcanic ash clouds, and I was quite unaware that in some quarters Icelandic sagas are believed to be some of the most important writings in history. Iceland’s sagas originally written on calf skin vellum and preserved by ordinary people as well as academics, provide not only a valuable history but are an important part of Icelandic culture and identity.

Fidler, together with Iceland-born co-author Kari Gislason take the reader on a journey; historic in terms of the island’s Viking history brought to life through medieval Icelandic sagas, and personal for Kari as he attempts to confirm his ancestry.

Other critics have rightly said that it is difficult to classify this book but it certainly did not disappoint, and I enjoyed learning about this very different part of the world and its history.