A Jervis Bay Morning Walk

My watch showed 7:41 after an uncomfortable night on a hard hand-me-down mattress that sagged in the middle. The rain seemed to continue throughout the night. Each time I woke or was awakened there was the incessant drumming on the caravan roof.

There would be no more sleep and I needed some exercise to re-energise and get some movement back into stiff joints. Since there was now only a sprinkle of moisture a walk on the beach seemed appropriate. The January morning was kept comfortably cool by the rain but not cold enough for a jumper. Jeans and the protection of a singlet layer would suffice. With a Hahn Premium Light complementary golf umbrella, I set off along the short bush track to the Myola beach on Jervis Bay.

The storms of the last few days had washed up the red seaweed along the normally golden sands. Everything else was grey. The water was grey; the small shore break was grey between the low white curling waves; the sky showed several shades of grey from greyish-white to the angry rain-bearing grey.

Across the Bay, Point Perpendicular was struggling to emerge from the darkening grey but I decided to ignore the threat and set off northwards towards Callala Beach hoping the coffee shop would be open. The Hahn slung over the shoulder provided shelter to all but the jean legs as the rain increased with the southerly breeze. It was still pleasantly cool and breathing the freshness of the sea was both invigorating and relaxing. What a shame I had the whole beach to myself.

The potential coffee was still fifteen minutes away when I checked on the Point, but it was gone. The grey line between the water and the angry sky was now much closer, closing in on the beach towards me. Before long I was engulfed by the heavier rain but the Hahn still did its job, except for wet calves.

Approaching Callala, a number of other cheerful morning walkers has emerged with their brollies and one with only a “good morning” smiling face showing from her rain gear. Leaving the beach, I could see the shops where there was at least some shelter, before returning for breakfast, if not some coffee. At 8:20 and with very few people about, braving the rainy weather, I was not confident in getting a much needed cuppa. My luck was in and the flat white hit its spot.

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