60 Days Away – Prologue

Being away from home and travelling for 60 days requires quite a bit of planning. We seem to have most of it covered, but there are sure to be some surprises along the way. Isn’t that part of the charm of travelling?

The trip starts with our Mediterranean cruise; a round-trip itinerary from Rome including stops in Greece, Turkey and back to Italy. Day excursions in Turkey where the Smart Traveller status is reconsider your visit are still on the agenda at the moment.

Throughout our travels we will certainly be stepping back Across the Years both in a family history and general historic sense. Getting reacquainting with previously visited locations mixed with the idea of new experiences and discoveries is starting to get me excited.

Along the way I hope to document those experiences and discoveries as well as our reactions and what we might have learnt about the world both old and new.

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