3 Days in the Eternal City

The arrival of our small group of five in bella Roma was most welcomed by all. The twenty-two hours of flying from Sydney to Europe is always trying even for those of us who had the benefit of business class (some of us experiencing this for the first time) but there was also some pleasure and relaxation.

We had only three days here so where do we start? For the visitor, Rome is all about history either old or ancient and it is everywhere one looks. It reminds us of the length of its history and I am somewhat embarrassed by my lack of knowledge of it which probably lessened my appreciation and understanding.

2016-04-13 03.16.54We started with our quaint little hotel Antica Roma (ancient Rome) well placed in the city. The building has been a hotel for 100 years so it is not modern but still comfortable down to the fabric covered walls. The friendly concierge was helpful especially in terms of transport, eating places and a little bar across the road and down the side street that became our “local.” One evening, during happy hour we were entertained here when a young woman maneuvered her Smart car into the smallest space between other car and a scooter – amazing.

Making extensive use of the hop-on hop-off bus (and shank’s pony) we managed to see some of the many treasures that Rome has to offer. We walked the Roman Forum climbed the Palatine Hill to look down on the full extent of the ruins of that civilisation, gazed at the amazed engineering of the dome of the Pantheon, just to name a few.

We marveled at the splendor that is St Peter’s basilica and especially La Pieta, enjoyed a drink served by a cheeky Romanian waitress at Castel St Angelo, strolled the extensive park between the Villa Medici and Villa Borgese and dined al fresco in the Piazza Navona among Bernini’s sculptures. Meals of pizza and pasta were washed down with Moretti birra, chianti and pinot grigio – what else?

There is so much of Rome we did not see and if I ever have the opportunity to return to Rome I will certainly do more research beforehand to better appreciate the extensive history of this remarkable city.

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