Koningsdam – Day 5

P1050128 (2) (640x480)I think it is day 5 or our 12-day cruise – I must check, but does it really matter?

The Koningsdam is a brand new ship having been launched in February and only one its second voyage. It is proving to be most comfortable. Looking out from my balcony deck chair the water surface of the Dardanelles is glassy with no wind to even ripple that surface. In fact, we have been lucky with the weather all cruise but today is not quite as good and forecast to only get to 24oC.


We passed Anzac Cove about 5:30 this morning but being too dark there was little to see. Next stop is Istanbul this evening and we plan to see some of that great city tomorrow.

Our first port of call out of Rome was Olympia and then Athens and Cape Sounion, and Kusadasi and Ephesus yesterday. We have learnt a lot more about the ancient Greek and Roman. The design and scale of the buildings they erected, the engineering for water supply and sewerage systems, not to mentions the artistic craftsmanship is truly awe inspiring.

Turkey was also their stomping ground because the Turks only arrived from the east many hundreds of years later after these and the Byzantine empires. We expect to see example of all these eras in Istanbul.



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