In Dublin’s Fair City

A couple of days in Dublin was a welcome respite after our cruise with its excursions in every port.

This month is important in Dublin as it marks the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising and it is commemorated everywhere. This Rebellion was, of course, a major step on the path to Irish independence and the eventual formation of the Republic of Ireland in 1948.

The centre of Dublin today appears as a young vibrant bustling City. It is busy but relaxed, easy to walk around, although the footpaths are narrow, and there are plenty of places to eat and drink. To get our bearings, and to rest weary legs, we used the hop on – hop off bus to reacquaint and reorient ourselves as well as at least glimpsing the major points of interest. Sightseeing proper was kept to a minimum but included the National Museum with its bog bodies, Christ Church Cathedral and Dublin Castle. We didn’t catch up with Molly Malone…

Not being able to control myself, I slipped away to spend a few hours at the National Archives of Ireland looking for details of my Irish Briscoe ancestors, and with a little success. I could easily spend a week or two doing detailed research at these Archives, the National Library and the Registry of Deeds to fill in gaps in my knowledge of this most interesting branch of my family. Maybe one day.

The Brooks Hotel in Drury Street looked after us well and we dined there as well the Hairy Lemon pub and the Porto House tapis bar. Peter’s Pub was also a pleasant spot for happy hour and I variously enjoyed a Guinness of two, or a Kilkenny beer while others preferred the Irish whisky.

The weather in Dublin was not kind to us, and even the Irish were complaining about the cold. It is with some concern therefore that we head further north to Scotland and the Orkneys.

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