The Bruce girls have arrived in their traditional homeland and all is well with the world.

With only two nights here this time around (we will be back soon) it was decided to hit the priority sites of the Royal Mile, Mary King’s Close and the National Museum plus the essential hop on-hop off city tour bus. We had all visited the castle before and couldn’t really fit a proper revisit in, in the short time available.

Did I write earlier that our history lessons had finished? Silly me, it is just different history. We learned about the Old Town that consisted only of residences (and I use this term loosely) and shops either side of the Royal Mile spine from where the 16th century Palace of Holyroodhouse stands, up the steep hill to the castle. Aspects of the history of the Old Town were theatrically illustrated/performed by our tour guide at Mary King’s Close as being about survival often through poverty, unhygienic surroundings and plague.

the old bell

The Old Bell

The new town was a planned layout and mainly Georgian in character. The bus took us through the city centre so that we could admire its architecture.

Our accommodation is a little way out of the city, although walkable if not raining, at Kildonan Lodge Hotel in Craigmillar Park. This house is an example of the more elegant stone houses that abound in this part of Edinburgh.

Pub meals were enjoyed at Blackfriars Bobby near the Royal Mile and the Old Bell, our local near the hotel, with delicious soups and my particular favourite, steak and ale pie with mash (and Guinness).

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