The Jammer Tour

Things have been going quite smoothly on the tour to date but yesterday was a reality check. Hit by the curse of travellers – we missed our flight (to the Orkneys). It was my own fault for misreading the eTicket and it seemed we were in a real jam. I currently have a Lee Child on my kindle and I could have had a Jack Reacher moment taking out frustration on something or someone. Perhaps I should read better literature instead of action fiction that doesn’t lead to fast and even skim reading.

Orkney Community Flag

Orkney Community Flag – Recognising both its Scottish and Norwegian history

However, luck was on our side and we managed to get a later flight. It seems air traffic to  Kirkwall is not heavy at this time of year or maybe it was because of the bank (ie public) holiday Monday for May Day. Anyway there was plenty of space for us on the 34 seater Saab 340B and it was a smooth and relaxed flight even for those who aren’t fans of smaller planes.

The overall result was the loss of about 4 hours but we all agreed that with 2 full days here we will still have enough time for a leisurely tour of the Orkneys. The dent to my pride as an organised traveller will eventually rebound and I will regain my sense of humour after this somewhat depressing episode.

As I mull over these thoughts, in a better humour, with the light from the early-rising sun trying to squeeze through the curtains I realise that I haven’t introduced our travelling band. Most readers will realise that we are Jenny, Arthur, Margaret and Rowan. Accordingly, I am calling this the Jammer Tour (JAMR) which in a couple of weeks will split up into two as we go separate ways and I will then only write about the Junior Tour (JR).

The sun rises early in Kirkwall because we are 59o North of the equator and in spring with up to 15 hours of sunlight in May. You can compare this latitude to Queenstown, Tassie at 42o South or Queenstown, NZ at 45o South to get a sense of the relative climatic conditions. Even though the weather comes straight off the North Atlantic Ocean, the forecast for the next couple of days is fine with temperatures up to 12oC. So it augers well for touring around the “Mainland” of the Orkneys.


5 thoughts on “The Jammer Tour

  1. “Across the Years” is in our favourites and Marg & I look forward to each post. Love to get your description of the Orkneys. Ron


  2. Thanks Ron, I’m glad you like the blog because I enjoy putting it together. …but oh, the pressure of keeping up to date with our travels!!! It seems that, as in most aspects of life, balance is the answer. Balancing time for sightseeing, travelling, eating and drinking, entertainment, and some sleep with the writing.
    However I find that the writing adds more purpose to our travels and it is nice to share our experiences with friends.


  3. Hi Jammer Tour,
    What a great name for your group tour. I am glad you were able to get on the next flight, hopefully for the rest of your holiday,
    you won’t have any drama’s. My best to the Jammer Group.


  4. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jen. Wish we were there with you. Hope you’re having a special High Tea and Champers!

    From The Crew (Maria, Jen, Jan, Esther & Gillian)


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