The Briscos of Cumberland

Leaving Scotland, we drove into the English county of Cumbria. The first major town we came to was Carlisle and this is the part of the world that was the home of my Brisco(e) ancestors.

Entrance to Crofton

The village of Brisco, named for that family, is just south of Carlisle, but about six miles south-west (on the A595) is the Village of Thursby and a little further along, just before crossing the River Wampool is the entrance to the former Crofton Hall, the family estate. This area was previously known as Cumberland.

St Andrew’s Church, Thursby

The stone arch entrance is almost all that remains of the former elegant house and grand estate that was the home of the Brisco family from about 1400 to the early 1900s. My particular branch of the Briscoes, together with a chance in spelling moved to Ireland, probably in the 1600s, but my ancient roots are still here.

Crofton Chapel, St Andrew’s Church

A great deal of history can be learned from local churches and graveyards, so after visiting Crofton we decided to see if there was any family history to be found in the village church at Thursby. The small St Andrew’s church offered up a real surprise because inside was the Crofton Chapel with memorials to a number of Briscos of Crofton. These were not all my direct ancestors but certainly distance relatives.

What delightful discoveries!